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Why you should use Amazon Web Hosting Services

Amazon web hosting services was launched in 2002 and is made up of a few disparate web hosting tools. The following year saw the concept reformulated in a bid to provide retail computing infrastructure to companies. The idea was to offer standardised automated tools (storage, database and computing power) that would rely on the web services and later on sell access to virtual servers in the form of a service. It was after a meeting of the company's leadership team discovered Amazon's infrastructure services that gave it an edge over other competitors. In 2004, the company hinted its intention to provide web hosting services, and in 2006, it launched three tools- the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), the Simple Storage Service (S3) and the Simple Queue Service (SQS). Other web hosting services have been developed since then with more cloud-ready customers ready to use Amazon's developer-friendly services. The company has made formalised partnerships with enterprises like Netflix, Dropbox and Reddit, among others.

Companies and Major Territories

By March 2006, Amazon had signed up more than 150,000 developers who wanted to use its web hosting service. It has experienced exponential growth, having reported subscriptions by more than one million customers every month in 190 countries, including more than 17,500 non-profit organisations, 5,000 education institutions and 2,000 government agencies. Other major customers of Amazon' web hosting services include NASA, CIA (was awarded a $600 M contract in 2013), the Obama presidential campaign of 2012 and Kempinski hotels, among others.

Main Amazon Web Hosting Services

They are divided into three:
1. Simple web hosting services
2. Static website hosting
3. Enterprise web hosting

Simple Webhosting

The service makes it easy for users to develop, update, serve and manage content on their websites. The services consist of single web servers that operate using tools such as Content Management System like WordPress, a development stack like LAMP or eCommerce application like Magento. Amazon's Lightsail makes a great simple web hosting service for simple web hosting.

Static Web hosting

The sites provide JavaScript, HTML, images, videos and other files to visitors and do not have extension application codes like ASP.NET or PHP. They are designed for marketing sites or websites that change infrequently using few authors. Static web hosting services don't need server administration and are capable of dealing with enterprise-level traffic. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) fits in this category.

Enterprise Web Hosting

Amazon also provides web hosting services for large sites like travel, marketing, social media and other heavy application websites. Enterprise websites are large and need scalable resources to support demanding and heavy traffic sites. Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing is designed for this need as it offers resizable computing capacity in the cloud.

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