Why Asian Countries could be the Best at Web Hosting

Asia is the earth’s most populous and largest continent. Located on the Northern and Eastern hemisphere, Asia shares boundaries with Europe (Eurasia) and Africa (Afro-Eurasia). It covers an area of 44,579,000 square kilometres, which is about 30% of the earth’s entire land area. Asia is among the first places that hosted the early civilisations (ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia). The continent is not only notable for its large size, but the number of people living here- 4,522,036,285, making up 60% of the world’s population. The most populous countries are India, China and Indonesia with the first two being Asia’s largest economies. Macau, for example, hosts 21,411 people per square kilometre, making it the most populous city in the world. 

Why Asia is the Most Tech-savvy Continent 

For a long time, India personified the entire continent due to the legendary wealth and prosperity of the ancient culture that attracted European exploration, commerce and colonialism. China, however, outdid India as it began drawing many European countries. It is this rich history that makes Asia the most tech-savvy continent. The impact of information revolution has made a more significant impact on the continent than any other region due to its ability to produce IT products. China, for example, was the first country to invent papermaking and printing in the 9th century, which caused its neighbours to appreciate education. Modern information revolution arrived at the same time the economy of China was opening up to foreign investment while other Asian countries were experiencing dramatic economic development. It explains why Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Thailand and Korea have become notable producers of hardware. Korea is now a global leader in producing smartphones and the world’s most advanced player in ICT. The rapid progression in IT makes Asia the primary host of many tech-savvy companies- AAC Technology Holdings (technology hardware & equipment), CA Technologies, SunTec Business Solutions and Zendesk, among others. 

Web Hosting in Asia

Asian countries have also become the best at web hosting services. The high cost of living in Western counties has caused companies to look for offshore companies that can provide web hosting services at more affordable rates. Asian countries have become the go-to solutions and are now hosting the most popular web-hosting companies. Bulgaria, for example, is home to the best web hosting companies in Asia. These include SiteGround, WPX and Paragon, among others. It also offers the best IT specialists at an affordable rate and its IT infrastructure is commendable, i.e., an average of 15.6 Mbps. Regarding location, Bulgaria is located between Asia and middle Europe hence, in the EU regions. Other reputable web hosting companies in Asia include A2 WordPress Hosting, HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting and BlueHost, among others.

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