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Belgium is a country in North East England bordering France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands with the North Sea to the north-west. Belgium has a population of 11,350,000 and the capital city is Brussels. There are three languages in Belgium - German, Dutch and French. The country is divided into four different areas according to the language spoken, with a French region, a German region, a Dutch region, and Brussels which is bilingual. 

The largest cities in Belgium

More than 1,700,000 people live in the Brussels-Capital region, making Brussels both the largest and most populous city in Belgium. Brussels is home to many multinational companies' headquarters and the economy is based on public administration. Brussels is followed by Antwerp, home to 940,000 and capital of Antwerp Province, and Liege with 633,000 inhabitants. 

The biggest tech companies in Belgium

Belgium has a growing tech and IT industry. Some of the big names are Amplidata, a private cloud storage provider, Inventive Designers, a software development company based in Antwerp, Tapptic, a digital company who develop applications for smartphones and tablet computers, and Odoo who create business management software solutions. 

Web Hosting in Belgium

The web hosting industry in Belgium continues to develop and expand and rivals international web hosting providers for service and speed. The closer the web server, the faster and more efficiently your website will run, and you are less likely to run into any problems. This is a significant reason why choosing a Belgian web host provider is an excellent choice. Choosing a local provider will also help you improve your local SEO ranking and increase local organic traffic as Google likes to push customers towards websites from their own country. 

Top Belgian Web Hosting Providers:

Combell currently power 1 in 5 websites in Belgium, making them the largest web hosting provider in the country with over 167,000 happy clients. Combell have solutions for all types of website from a personal blog to a large professional website for an international brand or business. As well as hosting, email and domain services Combell has many other options and features, which you can select according to your individual needs, with guaranteed security and excellent service a priority. 

Kinamo is popular with many freelancers as well as medium-large businesses for their web hosting options. Kinamo is great for hosting Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal websites as well as E-commerce stores, Facebook games, apps and more. 

Nucleus provides web hosting and cloud storage services at affordable prices, with maximum uptime, 3 dedicated data centres, and years of experience meaning that their customers get outstanding service and fast-loading, professional websites.

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