Historically referred to as Helvetia, Switzerland is a small country located in Central Europe. Switzerland encompasses an area of approximately 41,285 square kilometres. It is a landlocked country bordering France, Italy, Germany and Austria. About 60% of the land area is covered by mountains, and the country has over 1500 lakes. Most of its major cities are located on the Swiss plateau. 

Population and Culture 

According to the latest United Nations estimates, the country has a population of about 8.5 million people as of September 2018. Switzerland does not have a national culture or language as with most European countries. There are four linguistic regions influenced by diverse European cultures, which are German, Italian, Romansh and French. Romansh is the least widespread, and its users are declining even though it is accorded the same legal status. A vast majority of the population practice Christianity. 


Despite its size, Switzerland has one of the richest and most stable economies in the world. Zurich, the country's largest city, and Geneva are among the world's top financial centres. The two cities host a large section of financial institutions and banks. Major cities such as Bern and Basel have been ranked amongst the most prosperous in Europe. 

Switzerland is a leading exporter of pharmaceuticals and gold. It is home to many multinational corporations in various industries. Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, is the biggest export company in the country. Nestle, a food processing company follows closely. Tech companies also made the list of top 10 exporters. Swisscom, a telecommunications services provider, was the ranked eigth while Te Connectivity, which deals with connectivity and sensor products, ranked tenth. 

Webhosting in Switzerland 

When it comes to data and information, security and data privacy have been the biggest issues. Switzerland ranks 11th in the world in terms of Data Centre Risk Index. With the increased implementation of legislations that seem to inhibit privacy in countries such as the United States, Switzerland is positioning itself as the goto place for webhosting. The Federal Act on Data Protection prevents authorities from spying on hosted data. 

Switzerland is known to be a safe and politically stable country. Additionally, there is a cheap and readily available supply of electricity. This means that servers are always up and running with no interruptions. Serveres also enjoy military grade protection since the Swiss army is converting most of its bunkers into data hosting centres. 

There are various notable companies offering data hosting services in the country. The most sought after are Hostpoint and InfoManiak. Hostpoint currently handles data for over 400,000 websites and recieves lots of praise for its top-notch features and hardware. InfoManiak hosts over 250,000 domains and 150,000 websites and it mainly works with small to medium sized web based businesses.

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