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Germany sits in central Europe with the North Sea and Baltic Sea bordering its northern part. It occupies approximately 357.021 km2 and holds a population of over 80 million. Germany has played a critical role in history from religion to politics to technological advancements. The country's population is diverse with various ethnic minorities making up a portion of it. Next, to the USA, Germany is the second most popular destination for immigrants, which has contributed to the many different cultures in the region. German is the official and national language. 

A large percentage of immigrants, almost 2 million, are from Turkey. Italians, Russians, Poles and Croats are some of the other groups that make up the German population. Germany has produced some world-renowned artists, poets and scientists. The region is filled with monuments and museums that tell of the different eras and accomplishments that the country has been through. 

Germany is a major contributor to the world's economy with a GDP of over 4 trillion Euros. The nation provides a huge domestic market that makes it ideal for all types of businesses. It's one of the leading countries in technological progress, so predictably, the IT sector fairs well here. Frankfurt and Berlin are the region’s biggest economic hubs due to their high standard infrastructure and great investor markets. Some notable tech companies that have set up in Germany include Babel, SoundCloud and ResearchGate. 

Web Hosting in Germany

Web hosting has become a highly sought-after service. Every company wants the best storage for its user and customer data. From small startups to large conglomerates, the web hosting solutions you use will determine your company’s operations. Germany makes a great choice for web hosting due to the well-developed infrastructure in the region. When picking a hosting partner, give thought to the location of its data centres. A good location should be convenient to allow regular maintenance. Whether it's Munich, Berlin or Cologne, German cities have excellent transport links that web hosting companies benefit a lot from. Various large web hosting providers operate in Germany, and these include STRATO, Mittwald,, KasServer and Hertzner Online. Website owners should invest in research before hiring a hosting provider to verify the legitimacy of the services offered. 

When picking web hosting providers, give priority to security. Companies offer different levels of security, depending on the plan, so the requirements of the client will dictate the most suitable choice. Comparing web hosting providers is necessary as well to see the features and prices available.

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