Morocco is a country located in North Africa, bordered by Algeria in the east, the disputed Western Sahara to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the western Mediterranean Sea to the north. The strait of Gibraltar separates Spain from Morocco and can be crossed by ferry in a couple of hours. There are two Spanish enclaves on the northern coast of Morocco, Melilla and Ceuta. The official languages in Morocco are Modern Standard Arabic and Amazigh (Berber) but more commonly the Moroccan dialect Darija is spoken, as well as French. In the north Spanish is still useful, whilst English is emerging as a second or third language across Morocco, rivalling French in business and education. 

The population of Morocco is currently just over 35 million people, and the young population continues to grow quickly, with a median age of just 29. 59.9% of Moroccans now live in the urban centres of the country, with many having moved from rural areas to seek work. The largest city by far is Casablanca at 3,360,000 inhabitants. Casablanca is the economic and financial hub of Morocco, contributing 56% of industrial labour, 48% of industrial imports, 30% of the Moroccan banking sector and 75% of the IT labour force in Morocco. Most companies and businesses operating in Morocco have their headquarters in Casablanca. The next largest cities are Fez (1,110,000 inhabitants), Tangier (947,000 inhabitants) and Marrakech (928,000 inhabitants). 

Web Hosting Options in Morocco

There are several options for web hosting in Morocco, but the first concern should be to check which language they operate in, as many companies still use French as the primary language. If you're looking for a web hosting company in Morocco that operates in English, check out, where you can select your language. Genious offer web hosting, domain names, main solutions, SSL certificates and more. Their service is professional and efficient and you can also access, the Moroccan Cloud datacentre.

KVC Hosting is a US-based company that has servers in Morocco for web hosting in the region. They have a 24/hour support team that you can contact with any issues and a range of hosting plans on offer. With KVC hosting you'll benefit from local hosting in Morocco combined with the expertise of an international web hosting company. 

Naja7host, based out of Tetouan and found at is another Moroccan company offering excellent web hosting services. They offer dedicated servers, excellent support, a friendly interface and 99.9% Uptime.

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