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Why you should choose a web hosting provider in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with a population of 17 million people, located in Western Europe. The Netherlands borders Germany in the east and Belgium in the South and has maritime borders with France and the United Kingdom. The official language in the Netherlands is Dutch, but many regional languages are also spoken, particularly in the BES Islands of the Netherlands. West Frisian is a co-official language in the Friesland province, English another official language in the island provinces Saba and Sint Eustatius, and Papiamento is spoken in the special municipality of Bonaire. 

Amsterdam is the capital city in the Netherlands and the largest city with a population of 821,000. The following largest cities are Rotterdam (598,199 inhabitants), The Hague (474,292 inhabitants), and Utrecht (290,529 inhabitants). 

The biggest tech companies in the Netherlands

The tech and IT industries in the Netherlands are booming, with everything from startups to large businesses. Arguably the Netherlands has some of the biggest tech companies in Europe. Bookings Holdings is one of the most significant companies with a €85 billion valuation, famous for the website which allows customers to book accommodation, flights, car rentals and more around the world simply through their app or website. Bookings Holdings is followed by ASML with a €73 billion valuation and tech giant Philips with a €35 billion valuation. WeTransfer is a Dutch startup which has grown into a global business, allowing people to easily and safely transfer files across the internet, with more than 1 billion transfers every month. 

Web Hosting in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is often referred to as the 'centre of the Internet' and the best web hosting location in Europe. Amsterdam is home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, which means 100% uptime, an ultra-fast connection and a low probability that your website will run into any problems. Choosing a web hosting provider in the Netherlands is an excellent choice for your website. Low power utility costs in the Netherlands allows web hosting companies to provide cost-effective hosting solutions, and the lack of data surveillance can be a perk too. 

Some of the biggest web hosting providers in the Netherlands include LeaseWeb, TransIP, Kolida, CloudVPS and Internedservices.

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