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Offre Rating €/y Type Diskspace Bandwidth
★ ★ ★
420.0€ Wordpress Hosting ∞GB
50 GB /mo
★ ★ ★
3480.0€ Wordpress Hosting ∞GB
400 GB /mo
★ ★ ★
1380.0€ Wordpress Hosting ∞GB
200 GB /mo

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User reviews about WP Engine

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Roman Tikhonov

Score: 90%

Hi I’m Roman from WP Rocket. As a webmaster, I can’t stress the importance of web hosting enough. It’s one of those aspects of your website you do not want to skimp.

Web hosting is the backbone of your site. Ensuring the qualit

y of your web host is absolutely crucial with today’s high standards for SEO and user experience.

With that being said, If you were to ask me who is the best WordPress hosting provider for the money? I’d say WP Engine without a doubt judging by sheer performance.

WP Engine is the best premium WordPress host, hands down. However, it comes with a premium price. Can you can swing $35 bucks a month?

Read our full in-depth WP Engine review at https://wprocket.co/wp-engine-review/

EN - April 26, 2018, 2:47 p.m.

Leon Eugene White

Score: 80%

Out of all the web hosts I have tried, none of them were better than WP Engine. Their support is excellent. Their things hardly ever has issues. If their is issues it is very easy and fast to get it sorted out with the support. I 

honestly could not complain about anything other the fact that they don't offer email hosting. Well that and the Price. But otherwise they were the best.

EN - July 16, 2018, 2:45 p.m.

admir gracanin

Score: 100%

WP Engine is one of the best managed hosting providers for WordPress. While it is not a perfect solution, I think the pros outweigh the cons. http://rijalda.com/wp-engine-review/

EN - May 9, 2015, 4:45 a.m.

Andrew Miller

Score: 40%

Why does WPEngine suck?

1 - the migration process is designed to be as easy as possible; which it sort of was. The Whole process however; that of ensuring DNS info is updated is a night are. No support provided at all by WPEngine yet this is the most important aspect.
2. - Due to DNS errors not found at the time, my site has had more downs than a call girls knickers.
3 - The tech support provided WPEngine is, well crap.

Some of the people know their stuff - but can't explain it in easy to understand words / process.
4 - My email has been up and down loads as various different tech support staff ask me to change an A record, despite this not being the issues. It was as if they were 'just change stuff till it works' approach.
5 - The time to resolve issues is the worst. My website was down (403 Forbidden) for 12 hours.

As soon as I mentioned taking legal action the tech support person cut the chat off and closed it. Another sent a partial transcript. 'Management' never got back to me. Money back guarantee?

Don't think so.
6. Email support has taken over 11 hours to get a resolution - and that was with me sending several reminders. I have call transcripts as well as screen shots to document this pathetic companies attempt to fix my issues. All in all I would never recommend WPEngine again to anyone unless they are a competitor of mine ;-)

EN - June 1, 2016, 4:43 a.m.

Doug Ludemann

Score: 40%

Once upon a time WP had a product that was unique. Now everybody offers the same product; most cheaper, most better. Better in terms of the value and the customer support, both of which are poor with WP.

WP technology is no longer novel, with alternatives currently available that exceed the offerings of WP Engine, with the added advantage of Live customer support. With WP, tech support is no more than a few email exchanges and a day or two away. Did that sound acceptable?

Then maybe WP is for you. For those who like to fix their problems immediately, without excuses or scapegoating, Don't choose WP. Their service is comparatively expensive...meaning their value is poor.

Their service agents are arrogant, and negative feedback will cause them to non-stop email you in an attempt to compensate for the poor service their company offers. Lastly the "speed" they offer you is a pipedream. My site had a D rating for speed, despite having paid extra for their apparently useless CDN software.

I was advised to add a plugin. Couldn't I have done that on a shared server? Did I really need to pay a premium pricefor 18 months for you to tell me the speed I was paying for was ultimately determined by a 3rd party plugin?!

As I stared to see the poor value that I was getting from WP, I asked them to outline what exactly I was getting from WP. What I discovered is that they do not manage anything at all. In fact, they don't even do DNS. (You'll have to get your DNS from a third-party.) They’ll keep your WordPress software updated, and keep a daily backup for your site.

But that is it. For what they charge, I'd assume they would offer services that are beyond what the free plugins would accomplish. Guess I was mistaken.

Lastly, when directly confronted with What they do for me, they balked. I requested, in writing, a rundown of the services they offered. He copied the text from their webpage into an email.

Clearly, he had no respect for me…or apparently customers of WP in general. Lastly, the same web development professional that introduced me to WP acknowledged that the company had gone downhill significantly as it pertained to customer service in the time I'd been with them. (Going on two years). That same web development professional recommended I get the same product for less money at any number of outlets.

So let's see, WP is comparatively expensive and a notably poor value. WP’s customer service is somewhere between poor and none. WP doesn't live up to hype or expectations that they themselves promoted.

And everything they offer is available from their competitors for equal or less money. In short, there’s no longer anything special about WP…except its poor value.

EN - March 22, 2018, 4:42 a.m.

Jack Venturi

Score: 100%

I have been with WP Engine for at least two years now and I would not change for the world. If I have a problem or question I simply pick up the phone and call. Someone will pick up the phone in less than two minutes and I am then conversing with someone who is very polite, Professionaland seriously interested in helping me.

If I have a problem with my website, one of their tech support people will help me as if they were my very own IT department people. The amount of help they have given me far exceeds what normal hosting company tech support folks would offer. I have two websites on my Professional plan that has room for 10 websites total.

One of my two websites is just a photography website that I virtually never use and the other is my life insurance website. You could basically say I am paying $99.00 per month for one website. MaxCDN is included in my plan but their tech support in my opinion is second to none.

I am not a very easy person to please either so that is another reason I like the people at WP Engine. The website speed and uptime is awesome and I tried a lot of hosting companies in my day. Those Texans are definitely number one in my book!

EN - Feb. 28, 2017, 4:41 a.m.

Peter Vandever

Score: 70%

I have used WP Engine for a while and despite the high costfor Wordpress hosting, I have stayed mainly because they do have great uptime. However, recently it has dropped wildly and even left the website offline up to 4 hours at a time. I am not sure what is happening but I am looking to other hosting companies because of this support and technical problems of late!

EN - Sept. 10, 2018, 4:34 a.m.

Rob Clark

Score: 100%

After trying a number of other shared hosting and VPS solutions to host Wordpress-powered sites, WP Engine has by far been the best platform I've dealt with yet. I use them to host my business site, as well as a number of client s

ites. The one huge distinction between other hosts and this platform is that you don't really have to every touch it unless you're pushing new code to a site, which they make incredibly easy via their built-in git deployment features. In addition to my sites, I also work with a municipal government that is on a custom plan. WP Engine has scaled amazingly well to meet their enterprise-grade needs, and anytime I've ever needed support, it's been instantly available with helpful techs. They also have epic Wordpress-specific security. If you want a Wordpress host that you don't have to constantly worry about or touch, WPEngine is worth every frickin' cent.

EN - Sept. 16, 2018, 2:33 p.m.

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