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Combell is a premier web hosting company in operation since 1999, and was actually founded by the then 16-year old Jonas Dhaenens using money provided by his father! The company has since gone from strength to strength through a number of smart takeovers and mergers, and the firm offer top quality services for businesses all around the globe, and Combell is renowned for the capacity to host any kind of infrastructure, application or website.


The Belgian firm has expanded it’s empire in recent years to encompass Zitcom which added another 175,000 clients and an additional turnover of 40 million euros to Combell’s own impressive income and client base. This has allowed the company to establish additional, significant bases in Denmark, and the amalgamated companies provide web hosting in a variety of languages to suit client requirements.


As well as a free domain name and SSL certification, Combell provide email hosting and servers and full hosting for your apps or website. As part of the package Combell customers can also access a good array of online tools to optimise use of their site, such as online fax, desktop and sitebuilder. In addition, the firm can offer bespoke solutions suitable for the individual requirements of each company.

Businesses have the reassurance of a highly reputable and established company who deal with installation and maintenance including software and hardware, as well as assisting IT departments with the infrastructure and also with any security and upgrade requirements. Combell is fully quality approved to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standard and offer 24/7 support to customers in their own language as well as a money-back guarantee.


Combell have a notable hall of fame with elite customers including Novado, Mitsubishi, Gorilla and KBC amongst many others. Jonas Dhaenens has been keen to retain the original company ethos of “great support for everyone” which he implemented from the outset, and this remains the company byword with personal contact with customers of paramount importance and a helpdesk available 24/7. In the early days Dhaenens would undertake all the support tasks single-handedly and even answered questions throughout the night! 17 years on, although the company is now a leading name, their reputation goes before them in terms of quality, integrity and support.

Info: This web hosting company operates in: Europe Belgium The Netherland

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Jan Peters

Score: 20%

Really terrible customer care; we confronted them with a problem their proces created and we were left hanging high and dry...

EN - Feb. 18, 2018, 3:27 p.m.

floris v.d.walle

Score: 20%

Combell's business plan seems to be to purchase as many hosting companies as they can, cut all costs (support being the first) and probably sell themselves in a couple of months being the biggest hosting company in the Benelux. Th

e acquiring company will find out about the mess they have left when the people responsible for it are long gone.
After 10 years as a happy customer with openminds they were purchased by combell recently.
Since then we received threatening reminder mails for invoices that were not even close to expiring and our server was cut off without warning 3 days after expiration date of the PAID invoice (mind you, it is the holiday season, this was probably their first day in).
Support does not even bother to answer most of the time, when they do it is after at least 3 days and they claim they did not receive any previous requests, even though they sent automated ticket numbers for them...

To top it all of they are one of the most expensive companies around.

It feels weird to have to give 1 star for reliability and support, since both are completely absent.

I have been a customer with at least 5 different hosting companies over the last 15 years, even a couple of budget companies, but this is by far the worst experience of all.

EN - Jan. 3, 2018, 3:25 p.m.

Jan van der Velden

Score: 20%

When you purchase a domain name, you cannot use other nameservers. Also they dont reply on your support tickets on purpose, so the refund date expires. Worst company ever

EN - Jan. 7, 2018, 3:19 p.m.

Our review

Final score: 90%

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