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What is Unlimited Web Hosting?

Unlimited hosting refers to the bandwidth, disk storage and the number of domain names which are offered by various hosting providers. It translates into the benefit of hosting an infinite number of sites at a very low price. However, the truth is that the unlimited side of the offer is just a myth.

Although hosting providers mention unlimited bandwidth or storage, if you study their policy terms you'll find that they reserve the right to limit processes, bandwidth or memory to avoid a negative impact on other users.

Other hosting providers clearly specify in their T&Cs the various caps applied to unlimited plans such as 300,000 inodes per account, 800 tables per database, or 30% of one CPU core, 512 MB of RAM and 200 website connections. So, before you buy an unlimited web hosting package make sure you check through their ToS to understand the applicable service limitations.

Who Buys Unlimited Web Hosting Solutions and Why?

Middle to large enterprises usually buy unlimited web hosting due to the increased traffic and high level of data transfers performed to streamline operations. However, you could also benefit from an unlimited plan if you own a blog or e-commerce store with incredible traffic and increased data transfer. It all comes down to your factoring in required measures such as bandwidth, data storage capacity, and uptime.

What Are the Advantages of Unlimited Web Hosting?

The advantages of an unlimited hosting plan cover a wide range of factors such as increased data storage capacity, high data transfer speed, unlimited databases, and the option to add a high number of domains. Also, the unlimited plan is usually offered at very low monthly rates, making it extremely attractive. Some web hosting providers include different perks like live chat to help you with any technical issue you might be facing. SEO packages could also be included in unlimited plans to guarantee an uninterrupted performance of your site.

What Are the Main Aspects to Consider When Buying an Unlimited Web Hosting Plan?

The main aspects you should consider before you decide to buy a specific unlimited hosting plan include the required bandwidth, storage capacity, backup capabilities, restore times, uptime, number of sites as well as the price tag.

When you've clearly identified your requirements, you should check the T&Cs of the top web hosting providers to understand what their unlimited plans really involve.

How to Buy an Unlimited Web Hosting Plan?

Purchasing an unlimited web hosting plan is not rocket science however you should do some research from the inside out before you make your decision.

Instead of relying on what the hosting providers advertise regarding their unlimited plans you should sign up for a free trial to test the performance of different companies. This is how you can clearly measure the capabilities of the hosting provider in terms of disk space, processing cycles, power consumption, bandwidth, and the efficiency of their technical support experts.

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