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Heroku's History

Heroku was founded in July 2007 by Orion Henry, James Lindenbaum, and Adam Wiggins. It launched commercially in April of 2009 with support for Ruby programming language. By October 2009, it was already hosting 35,000 live apps. Since then, various add-ons, languages, and features have been introduced to facilitate the clients’ experience. In 2011, Heroku was acquired by Salesforce.com and has since been a part of the Salesforce platform.

Scale of Operations

Heroku is comprised of 300+ employees that handle more than 23 billion requests every day. Based in San Fransisco, Californa, they work with customers from all over the world in a variety of languages to fit the clients’ needs. Their wide variety of tools and services means that any developer - from students and start-ups, to established enterprises and agencies - can benefit from the Heroku platform.

Services and Expertise

As a polyglot, cloud platform as a service (PaaS), Heroku allows app developers to build, deploy, and manage their apps on their platform. This can be done seamlessly across all supported programming languages and third-party cloud services are easily integrated into projects. Platform features, such as Heroku Pipelines, Review Apps, and GitHub Sync aid early testing and work flow. More than 150 add-ons are made available to developers through Hedoku - ranging from data store utilities to document, image, and video processing. Regardless of the scale of the app, Heroku gives clients the freedom to focus on their creation without the worry of managing hardware, servers, or infrastructure.

Their Clients

Heroku was launched as one of the very first cloud platforms and has grown exponentially since then to meet a wide variety of client needs. Every aspect of the service has been meticulously developed to ensure utility, simplicity, and stability. Furthermore, they offer support plans with access to their community and support modules such as App Assessment and Solution Proposal. This level of concern for customer needs is likely why Macy’s, Malwarebytes, and Toyota are just a few of the major names that have entrusted their app development to Heroku.

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